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If you love RockNRoll music, this is the Instagram profile that you are looking for! Stunning pics & videos posted daily with all the Rock music heroes that we all admire and love: from Angus Young to Jimi Hendrix, featuring the #SlashSunday to celebrate the beginning of a new and amazing week in all your lifes, as well as amazing quotes and stories.

@rocknroll_heroes is here to rocknroll your world!




Thanks for coming! Please take a little time to read about #iamablackhero, by clicking on the button below. As a nutshell, this is a project about the state-of-the-art in music, in different dimensions that have been created to impact your soul, to excite your mind, to touch your heart. You can watch some of the interviews, read a comment or draw some lines about your feelings in relation to music. And do not forget to spread the word!



Take a look to the professional point of view of talented musicians. Featuring insipiration, passion, compromise, challenge and effort, their opinions will help us to shed some light to the level of knowledge and development achieved in music at present, and in this way we could be understanding our own condition as contemporary humans.



From your awakening to the moment when you close your eyes, from your cradle to your grave, when you walk, when you work, when you kiss, music is always there. You could associate all of your vital experiences to a particular song, to a band, to a style, configuring a rich and special soundtrack that could reveal a draft of your own personality. Drop some words about your feelings about music, and read the comments of others that have participated in this project.



My name is Miriam Blackbird, and #iamablackhero is my personal project about music. In the past, I have worked as journalist and photographer in the music website MNTv and organized the first tribute to the bluesman Gary Moore in Madrid (you can read some of the reviews here, and here). I have also worked as manager of the rock band Not Too Late. During this time, I have learned great stuff about music from proffesionals like Javier Bragado (concert photography), Diego García Luengas & Francisco Simón (harmony and electric guitar) and Gema Vau, Patricia Tapia, Leo Jimenez or Tanke Ruiz (vocal technique).  But today I´m here to hear you, to learn from you how powerful is music in our lifes, and to demand the need of music in this world.

Jimi Hendrix said "A musician, if he's a messenger, is like a child who hasn't been handled too many times by man, hasn't had too many fingerprints across the brain. That's why music is so much heavier than anything you ever felt".

Black hero means the power of music to trascend. Please come with me in this wonderful journey, and I will try to show how music is expressing the inexpressible of our own existence. But... are you a Black Hero?

All the photographs shown in this website have been done by Miriam Blackbird. Please remember that Iamablackhero by Miriam Blackbird is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional License.

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