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5 months of #iamablackhero: perspective

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This project about the state of the art in music was born early in 2016, and it´s been 5 amazing months of interviews, great talks and many working hours trying to contribute to the perspective of where is music at present, discussing about it´s evolution and imaging where is it going.

Many musicians and related professionals have participated in this movement as you can see in the promotional video that I´ve done, and soon new interviews will be published in my youtube channel! So stay tuned!

Indeed, 7 handwritten notebooks have traveled to the New York City subway and the same number will be released soon in Madrid and other cities, trying to explore everyone´s feelings about music but... how can they evolve?

While I prepare some new stuff for this website & project, please take a moment (around 1.5min) to see the promotional video, and if you want to see some of the interviews remember that you can find them in

Love, Miriam.



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