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Humans vs. Robots. A music battle?

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When thinking about the greatest electric guitarists of all time names like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen come to mind. Ten fingers, one guitar, and all the amplification that our ears can get along with are the basic tools to create the unique universe that these modern composers create alone or with their bands. Beyond technique, it´s the passion that they wrap around their sound what makes them different and what touches everyone´s soul from the very first note. It´s humanity transformed into music. It has always been.

Three years ago, a competition of robot bands – The Japanese Z-Machines and the German Compressorhead – began performing in front of live audiences. We can still found human compositions behind these playing-music machines and if you take a look into the sunglasses, long hair or cowboy boots that makes the machines a little less scary, perhaps you can imagine that there are real musicians behind all the steel, the cables, the screws. Perhaps.

But progress sometimes evolves into something that can be considered quite strange. Imagine a scenario where a robot can create music, where artificial intelligence is designed to contemplate all the scales, progressions and rhythms of harmony into something that could be considered as the music of the future. Music that has not been developed or imagined by a human being. Where are we going?


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