#iamablackhero in New York City

Today, 7 beauties like this are travelling to New York City! The destination of these notebooks is the  NYC subway, where everyone can read the lines that I´ve written, and contribute to this project with their words. #iamablackhero expands! I just hope that at least one notebook will return to me (please please please).

Good luck, beauties! enjoy your stay! and find friends there!

See you soon.




We can be heroes, by David Bowie

1977, Berlin. David Bowie, who has moved to the german city to escape from fame and drugs, shares a flat with Iggy Pop and is working on three albums. Since inspiration comes from anything and anywhere, one fine afternoon of july, Bowie looks outside the window from the Hansa Studios. He notices something outside, near the Berlin War. There is a couple kissing, and some fragments start to take shape in his mind, related to a basic track in which he had been working in with Brian Eno some weeks before. It was just five or six chords, since at that time Bowie and Eno were using “creative dilemmas”, consisting in the building of layered tracks using aphorisms to encourage lateral thinking, that would later inspire melody and lyrics.