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/ˌsteɪtəvðɪˈɑːt ɪn ˈmjuːzɪk/     STATE-OF-THE-ART IN MUSIC     

    Noun: the level of knowledge and development achieved in music at present.

    Adjective: the most recent and therefore considered the best in music.

As noun or adjective, today´s knowledge about the state-of-the-art in music is something diffuse. We need to discuss about it, and see where it´s going. Talking about this, we could be understanding our own condition as contemporary humans. We are so immersed in the changing environment of today´s world that the speed is essential for us. We need fast food. We want fast news. And maybe, we consume fast music, as a thing to be used and discarded in a very easy way.

#iamablackhero is a project that has been born to shed some light to the inspiration, passion, compromise, challenge and effort that composes music in every single way. From the proffesional point of view of talented musicians, to the interesting opinions of unknown music consumers & listeners, we are here to talk about music. But... What is Black Hero?


Black Hero means the power of music to trascend.  Probably, it´s so usual that you barely realize that music is always there. From your awakening to the moment when you close your eyes. From your cradle to your grave. When you walk, when you work, when you kiss. You could associate all of your vital experiences to a particular song, to a band, to a style, configuring a rich and special soundtrack that could reveal a draft of your own personality.  Classical music? Jazz? Rock? Indie? Flamenco? Hundreds of styles, and in the end everything turns into just one thing: the human condition trying to express the inexpressible.  Transforming feelings into notes, into chords, into melodies.

I believe that we all are Black Heroes. If we talk about music, we could be talking about the essence of the human being. And it´s time to rise our voices to proclaim it, and to demand the need of music in this world.
Are you a Black Hero?

Miriam Blackbird.